9/19 - 9/25

PriceCo Foods • Page 4 We reserve the right to limit quantities on all sale items. All Advertised items subject to available stock on hand. Not responsible for typographical errors or printed mistakes. Designed By BJ’s Design For You 916-769-9842 Check Out Our Website! Pricecofoods.org View Our Ad Online, Print Coupons, & More! 89 ¢ Lb. 2 $ 3 L bs . 2 $ 3 L bs . 7% Fat! These Specials Are Good From: Sept. 19th, 2018 Thru Sept. 25th 2018 $ 5 49 Ea. $ EVE RY TH ING YO U NEED FOR A SIZZL IN G D INN ER T ONIG HT! $ 2 99 Lb. $ 1 69 Lb. $ 10 99 Lb. G ARDE N F RE SH FAV OR ITES FROM PRICE C O FO OD S! 2/ $ 6 2/ $ 1 Fetzer Wines Assorted 750 mil. Varieties Hartley Brandy 750 ml. Boneless Beef Sirloin Tip Roast USDA Choice, Black Angus Beef, Creekstone Farms Boneless Beef Filet Mignon Steaks USDA Select, Try It Wrapped In Bacon Lean Beef Back Ribs Great For The BBQ, Previously Frozen Fresh Thick Sliced Platter Bacon Hickory Smoked, Applewood, Peppered, or Cherrywood $ 4 99 Lb. $ 1 99 Lb. $ 1 99 Lb. 89 ¢ Lb. Boneless Pork Tri-Tip Roast Delicious Slow Cooked For Pulled Pork, Prairie fresh Fresh Ground Pork Perfect Added To Ground Beef For Meatballs Fresh Pacific True Cod Fillets Great For Fish & Chips, Flaky & Delicious, Product Of The U.S.A. Wild Caught, Subject To Availability Fresh Pacific Mako Shark Steaks Among seafood connoisseurs Mako Shark is considered the best eating shark. Wild Caught, Subject To Availability $ 6 99 Lb. $ 6 48 Ea. Seabest Fresh Frozen EZ Peel Prawns Great On Served Over Pasta, 41-50 Ct., 16 oz. Package $ 8 99 Lb. Navel Oranges Juicy & Sweet, Great Sliced In Salads Sweet Mandarins Very Sweet & Juicy, 2 Lb. Bag 59 ¢ Lb. Winter Squash Acorn, Butternut Or Spaghetti Fresh Cilantro Great In Salsas Or Tacos, Refreshing & Tasty Fresh Strawberries Great For Making The Perfect Strawberry Shortcake, 1 Lb. Container 2/ $ 6 Yellow Or White Peaches A Delicious Treat, California Grown Yellow Or White Nectarines Delicious In Fruit Salads, California Grown 89 ¢ Lb. Granny Smith Apples Perfect For Apple Pie $ 1 49 Lb. Brussel Sprouts Tasty “Little Cabbages”. Great RoastedWith Garlic 3/ $ 2 Fresh Cucumbers Refreshing In Salads Or Dressings 99 ¢ Ea. Hass Avocados Ripe & Delicious, Try Stuffed with Tuna Value Pack Foster Farms Chicken Drumsticks Great So Many Ways, Value Pack