5/22 - 5/28

PriceCo Foods • Page We reserve the right to limit quantities on all sale items. All Advertised items subject to available stock on hand. Not responsible for typographical errors or printed mistakes. Designed By BJ’s Design For You 916-769-9842 These Specials Are Good From: May 22nd To May 28th, 2019. Check Out Our Website! Pricecofoods.org View Our Ad Online, Print Coupons, & More! PriceCo Memorial Day Liquor Savings $ 1 89 Lb. Fresh (Thick Cut) Platter Bacon Hickory Smoked, Applewood, Peppered, or Cherrywood Boneless Beef Coulotte Steaks Master Chef, Creekstone, USDA Choice, Great BBQ-ed Boneless Beef Chuck Tender Steaks Creekstone, Black Angus, USDA Choice, Great BBQ-ed & Look For More Savings In The Store! Red Cherries Very Juicy & Delicious, A Great Snack Tender Asparagus Perfect for making Asparagus Soup Hass Avocados Creamy & Delicious, California Grown Fuji Apples Crisp & Sweet, Try Them Sliced In Salads Yellow Peaches or Nectarines A Delicious Snack, Sweet & Juicy, California Grown Mini Watermelon Juicy & Sweet, A Refreshing Snack Honeydew Melons A Great Breakfast Choice, Sweet & Delicious Vidalia Onions 2 Lb. Bag Great on Burgers Sweet Mini Peppers 1 Lb. Try Them Stuffed With Cheese or Sliced Fajitas 69 ¢ Lb. 2/ $ 5 2/ $ 5 2/ $ 5 2/ $ 5 2/ $ 5 4/ $ 5 Fresh Express Bacon Caesar 10.2 oz or Caesar Supreme Kit 9.75 oz. Salad, Wash & Ready To Eat $ 10 49 Gilbey’s Vodka 1.75Liter Barefoot CellarsWines Assorted750ml. Varieties $ 6 99 Lb. $ 4 99 Lb. $ 4 99 Lb. $ 2 99 Lb. $ 2 99 Lb. $ 8 99 Lb. $ 4 99 Lb. $ 7 99 Ea. $ 3 99 Lb. Made Fresh InStore! 2/ $ 10 +CRV P r i c e C o F o o d s M e a t D e p a r t m e n t , W h e r e Q u a l i t y a n d P r i c e a r e P r i o r i t y O n e ! $ 1 99 Lb. $ 2 69 Lb. Fresh Super Lean Ground Beef 7% Fat, Perfect For Juicy Burgers 7% Lean Fresh Store Brand Chicken Drumsticks Delicious In So Many Ways, Tray Pack 79 ¢ Lb. Tray Pack! Boneless Center Cut Pork Loin Chops Great With Apple Sauce, Thick Or Thin Cut, Prairie Fresh Boneless Country Style Pork Spareribs Prairie Fresh F a r m F r e s h P r o d u c e F r o m P r i c e C o F o o d s , Q u a l i t y G u a r a n t e e d ! Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets Try it With Wild Rice, Farm Raised, Subject to Availability Fresh Pacific Red Snapper Fillets Delicious On The Grill, Farm Raised, Subject to Availability Seabest Cooked Prawns Great With Garlic & Butter, 51 – 60 Count, 16 oz. Package 2/ $ 4 Cantaloupe Melons Juicy & Sweet, Great For Breakfast Large Size